Edison Trails Study

NOTE: This potential project is proposed, and the plan linked below is conceptual only. The City is currently in the process of further review for potential development of this project.

Some more information about the project: 

The Ashiya Park Expansion and Edison Trail Project proposes to construct an approximately 10-acre linear park trail corridor across twelve parcels owned by Southern California Edison (SCE).  

The proposed project site stretches from North Garfield Avenue near Ashiya Park, runs parallel to Findlay Avenue, and ends at Via Campo. The project will result in the expansion of Ashiya Park by adding approximately 1.1 miles of usable park trails.  

The City's Parks Master Plan, adopted in 2021, identifies the City as being deficient in trails and further identifies several opportunities for increases in parks and open space for the residents of Montebello. One of the areas identified as a potential location for park space and trails was along the SCE owned corridor.  

This area presents an opportunity to increase trails within the City while allowing for passive recreational experiences along the aforementioned trail and potential sports-related uses on the parcel(s) closest to the existing Ashiya Park. The potential trail would provide a safe connection from Ashiya Park, Eastmont Intermediate School, Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary School, and the Montebello Golf Course to various communities within the vicinity of the proposed trail. The multi-purpose trail would provide the Montebello community with a safe space for active recreation, such as walking, biking, and running, and aims to promote health and wellness. 

Staff will update this page as any updates to the project are available.