Our Mission & Values


The mission of the Montebello Police Department is to provide effective and professional police services of the highest quality in partnership with the citizens we serve, encouraging mutual respect and innovative problem-solving, thereby improving the quality of life in our community.



The quality of a police department is reflected in its people, leadership, reputation, and vision. We are dedicated to selecting, developing, and retaining a diverse staff of professionals who embrace excellence as their driving force and who continually strive to surpass their previous accomplishments.


The primary function of the Montebello Police Department is to protect and serve the public. We are "Dedicated to Superior Service" as reflected by our Department Motto and committed to delivering responsive, innovative and courteous service in an impartial manner. We encourage community input and participation in our delivery of police services.


We recognize that we are employed in positions of trust, responsibility, and expectations in our community. We hold ourselves to an elevated standard of conduct and only accept the highest levels of honesty and ethical behavior on the part of all our members. Our citizens, who are also our customers, deserve nothing less.


The people we serve are individuals who possess the full range of human strengths, weaknesses, and needs. Each member of the Montebello Police Department places a high value on customer service. We realize that every contact is unique and that we do not always see citizens in the most favorable circumstances. We will express concern, empathy, and sensitivity for all who need our services.


Police work is a noble undertaking. We believe that we make a difference in our community and we take great pride in our accomplishments. We will exhibit creativity, confidence, and courage in meeting the daily challenges of our chosen profession.