Organic Waste Collection Changes

Organic Waste Collection Changes for Residents
Posted on 09/01/2022

Athens Services is partnering with Montebello to implement food scrap collection for single-family home residents and multifamily residential curbside services. Per Senate Bill 1383, single-family home residents and multifamily curbside services across California are required to use green waste containers for ALL landscaping waste, food scraps, and food-soiled paper (100% fiber-based).

What’s changing for residents?
Residents should use their green organics container for the collection of landscaping waste, food scraps, and 100% fiber-based, food-soiled paper.

How do I participate as a Resident?

  1. Grab a portable, reusable pail-like container with a tight-fitting lid. It could be plastic, metal, or ceramic.
  2. Fill your pail with food scraps and acceptable items. (Liners are optional. Consider newspaper or a paper bag. Plastic bags must be clear.)
  3. Empty pail contents into your green organics container.
  4. Rinse your pail with soap and water.
  5. Sprinkle lightly with baking soda to absorb odors.
  6. Fill again!

Where can residents find more information?
Athens is here to help the community understand this new program and will provide resources and training to help you.

If you have questions about the new organics collection program, please contact the Athens Customer Care Center at (888) 336-6100 or visit

For more information on SB 1383, visit: