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Are you interested in becoming a police officer?

Have you ever wondered what it would take and what the process is?

Look no further; all the information you need to help you pursue a career in law enforcement is listed below.

The Montebello Police Department continually accepts applications from those interested in a career as a Montebello Police Officer. You can apply for (3) types of police officer positions or a number of other exciting positions that support our department. Please read on to ensure that you are applying for the correct position.



Police Cadet - No law enforcement experience is required; experience as Police Explorer or equivalent is desirable.
Police Officer Trainee - This entry-level position is for individuals without law enforcement experience. We will send you to a police academy for basic instruction.
Police Officer (Pre-Service) - You must have completed a P.O.S.T. approved basic academy or be enrolled in one at the time of application. (PROOF REQUIRED AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION.)
Police Officer Lateral - You must be employed as a police officer, have completed probation, and possess a Basic P.O.S.T. certificate.
Police Dispatcher - You must possess a California driver's license. Within one year of initial employment, you must attend and complete a California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Basic Dispatcher course.


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There are many police academies in the Southern California area that allow individuals to pay their way through a police academy before being hired, also known as Pre-Service. Many junior colleges, including Rio Hondo Community College, offer Pre-Service police academies. For a list of other academies in California, click here.


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Police Officer - The Application Process

The application process is an essential beginning to your career as a Montebello Police Officer. Only complete applications will be accepted, so you must ensure all the relevant areas on the application are completed correctly and apply for the correct Police Position. To get started, visit the City of Montebello career pages by clicking here. Find the open position that best fits your qualifications. It is important to check back frequently if a position is closed, as from time to time, they are updated. Once you find the position that fits, you click on the title of that position. Read the job description, examples of duties/knowledge & skills, and minimum qualifications & requirements.

Click on the “APPLY” tab in green. You will be asked to sign in or create an account. You must create an account if you have not applied for a government career using N.E.O.G.O.V. Once you create an account, you can apply for your career as a Montebello Police Officer!


After the Application Process

If your application is accepted, you may be invited to an orientation, depending on current COVID protocols. Orientations are scheduled during the week and sometimes on weekends. You must check your emails several times daily, including junk mail, so you do not miss the orientation date. Please check your emails on N.E.O.G.O.V. as well. If you miss the orientation, you may need to re-apply.

At the orientation, you will receive valuable information about the rest of the process, including but not limited to; a written test (for police trainees), physical ability test, oral interview, and backgrounds. You will also receive critical information on how to dress for your interview, carry yourself, and act when speaking in your interview.

The following links provide information to help you begin your career as a Montebello Police Officer.


Useful information

The process of becoming a police officer can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. The Montebello Training Unit is there to assist you with any questions you may have during the process. You can reach Sgt. Fernando Valle at 323 887-1341 or through email at [email protected].

Once you complete the initial application, the process may seem slow initially, but as you get closer to being invited to the background process, things speed up tremendously. We recommend you go on a ride-along with one of our police officers once you submit your application. This will give you valuable insight and allow you to speak with an experienced police officer who has been through everything you are about to experience. Before your first ride-a-long, we recommend you research the city of Montebello and the Montebello Police Department. The officer you ride with will ask fundamental questions about the city and the department you can find on the internet. The officer will report your eagerness to learn about the city and department to the hiring staff. Inquiries regarding ride-a-longs can be sent to Sgt. Valle.

Start preparing now to become a Montebello Police Officer. Gather addresses of friends, family, neighbors, and work colleagues that your background investigator will need. Obtain dates of any traffic citations you may have received and copies of traffic collision reports or police reports where you may have been a victim, witness, or suspect.

If you have applied for other police jobs, be prepared to have that information available. Obtain sealed high school and college transcripts that will need to provide during the background.

As stated above, becoming a police officer can be overwhelming and confusing. Still, the reward for entering into a career with a city and community that cares about their police officers will make it all worth it in the end.

If you would like to view our Police Officer Orientation on a PowerPoint presentation, click here.


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Police Dispatcher - The Application Process

A Public Safety Dispatcher performs various duties, including receiving, evaluating, prioritizing, and relaying emergency and non-emergency public safety assistance calls. A dispatcher sends appropriate units and coordinates the response of emergency personnel; maintains, processing, and distributes police records; operates a variety of telecommunications equipment, including radio, telephone, and CAD systems; and performs a wide variety of specialized clerical duties involved in the preparation, maintenance, and release of materials related to law enforcement activities.

You must possess a California driver's license. Within one year of initial employment, you must attend and complete a California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Basic Dispatcher course.

As a dispatcher, you must be able to compile, maintain, process, and prepare a variety of records and reports related to dispatch operations. You must be able to operate a radio, telephone, teletype, and automated equipment. Take complaints, gathering essential information for expeditious and accurate disposition of complaints.

A dispatcher must be able to follow oral and written instructions. Think clearly and act quickly and calmly in emergencies. Maintain courteous and tactful but firm relationships with the public. Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships. Communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Applicants must submit an original typing certificate from an accredited agency which must be issued and dated within one year of the final filing date of recruitment. This certificate must indicate the name of the institution where the certificate was obtained, the date, a speed of at least 40 net words per minute, the number of errors, the signature and title of the person verifying the typing test, and the phone number. Candidates who fail to provide a certified typing certificate will not be invited to participate in the selection process.


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Police Cadet - The Application Process

The philosophy of the Police Cadet program is to prepare the Cadet for future employment in law enforcement. To accomplish this goal and to give a Cadet a broader perspective of police work, the Cadet will work on various assignments within the department.

No law enforcement experience is required; experience as Police Explorer or equivalent is desirable.

The applicant must possess a valid California driver's license and be currently enrolled in an accredited college or university (The U.S. Department of Education must recognize accrediting organizations) and carrying six or more units per semester, or nine or more units per quarter, with cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. High school graduation or GED or CHSPE equivalent is required. The applicant must be between the ages of 18 through 22 at the time of the appointment.

The Police Cadet position is temporary. Suppose a Police Cadet, before they reach their 24th birthday, fails to be appointed as a Police Officer Recruit or another position within the Police Department; that Police Cadet will be released from employment. Police Cadets who complete an Associate's or Bachelor's Degree may remain in the program until their 24th birthday.

The most qualified candidates are invited to a written examination in which the California Peace Officer Standards and Training, POST Entry Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLET B) are administered. Those candidates who successfully pass the written exam with a T-SCORE of 45 are invited to an oral board interview. Failure on the written or interview exam will remove the candidate from further consideration. Candidates who successfully pass the written and oral interview and are selected to move forward in the hiring and selection process must complete an extensive background investigation. The background will follow the California Peace Officer Standards and Training (CA. POST) guidelines. Failure to pass a background will result in disqualification from the hiring and selection process.

As part of the hiring and selection process, applicants must participate in and pass a medical exam.

How to Apply


Online applications can be completed here.

If you have questions about the position, don't hesitate to contact Sergeant Fernando Valle at 323 887-1341 or email him at [email protected].


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